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My first book was self-published in 2012 through iUniverse who obviously sold my phone number. Eight years later I'm still being harassed by creeps who somehow get my personal information, without them doing the research to learn I'm a traditionally published author now. This company keeps calling me and I have never given them my phone number or authorized them to contact me. The messages sound pre-recorded.

The fact that they would write a positive review about themself here and for the Better Business (and then say, "hey look at our positive reviews") is really classless. There are ethical ways to run a company and that includes not telemarketing (no ethical company on the planet does this in 2018) and not trying to mislead aspiring authors. If I had to do it over again I would only use Amazon to self-publish. They can at least be held accountable to a certain degree.

These companies promise the world but deliver nothing. All of these companies have been around for over a decade and no one (out of hundreds of thousands of self-published authors) has accomplished anything unless they have done the work on their own. Every successful self-published author I'm aware of gets the credit for getting recognized in their own way. Usually by thinking outside of the box. If you are being harassed and know other self-published authors, talk to them about actual returns on their investments. Do not trust any of these companies.

Most self-published authors fall for these scams at least once. Be the crafty one and don't. It'll save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the end. Spend the money on self-hosting a WordPress blog and link it to Twitter. Then put in the time. It'll pay off in the long term.

Product or Service Mentioned: Litfire Publishing Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Phone harassment, Stolen phone number, Telemarketing harassment, Pre recorded messages.

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Another false accusation with alleged "harassment".Bah


The telemarketers are the problem. Rude, persistent, and dishonest.


Same here. I wonder how they got my phone number?

I'm being stalked! How can these people call themselves a business?


While I appreciate this author's review of the telemarketer from Litfire Publishing it appears that this author has done no actual business with this company and the rant - while is good advice - may or may not apply to this company at all.Do you or do you not have any actual experience to point to that Litfire Publishing is any good at what they claim to be - a self-publishing company? Or is your complaint that their self-marketing methodology is just bad customer service masquerading as marketing?

to Jerome Dorsey #1479946

more spam

to Jerome Dorsey #1479954

Litfire Publishing is trading stolen phone numbers including mine and then marketing me so yes I have had business dealings with them. Marketing is a part of the company and they have continued to harass since I have written this.

Because they are selling self-publishing doesn't mean the marketing itself is exempt from being included as a part of the company. There is clear case law in this area.

If you are unhappy with how some of your employees or contractors are engaging in business on your behalf then you should change the way you operate. It's easier to be professional rather than spending your time online afterwards trying to spin things--and talking in second person--when people are upset.

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