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I have tried, but to no avail. They promised all manner of marketing benefits but cannot even publish a book. If I can find enough other authors I will mount a class action suit against them.

At this time, they keep calling to harass me.

They start out by sounding reasonable but then keep changing their contact. I am going public to help other authors avoid my grief.

Most of my books have been published by CreateSpace, who is legitimate but provides few services.

Currently, I am using Book Baby, who is legitimate. I would be happy to communicate my experience to other authors.

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They will only call you if you shared your mobile with some officials in book industry or scouts.No one can take just like that your number and call it.Don't make any post that are not real and adequate on real situation with false allegation.


Litfire calls me at least 2x a week. I haven't even written my book yet!! Lol #dumbasses.


This are paid allegations from Accrispin Blogspot Blog.This is not true at all.

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