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How Litfire Publishing earn credibility? Visit BBB Accreditation Process.

Anyway, there is something going on in the internet regarding bad publicity, i.e., this “Writer Beware” online post, however, please allow us to site some points to help you weigh your decision making and fair judgment that we are ‘LEGIT’ and ‘SINCERE’ in all aspects. Now, after thorough investigation, we found out that she and her team have their own agenda – they also offer publishing and marketing services. Classic way to compete but not healthy for a pitch. Upon seeing these negative publicities, our current authors shared the same concern but still published and marketed with us.

It is always the experience first before all the judgment. “Let us earn that trust to start even with a partial payment so you will see all the results even before the full payment and/or even before the campaign starts”.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Litfire Publishing Pros: Professionalism.

Litfire Publishing Cons: Victoria strauss.

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Its clear that some officials authority can't foul them with false allegations as BBB.Find there such false accusation there which is official inspected dumb ***


Yes from the sky you can see this is intentionally done by Ann Crispin and Victoria Strauss to lead new authors to their publishing companies and associates and harm reputation of Litfire Publishing.


As author and their client just see ratings on similar web as Pissedconsumer.Thanks


The typos and misspellings in this review (which LitFire obviously wrote themselves) should warn potential authors away from them. Self-explanatory. If they can't grasp basic grammar, they shouldn't be publishing or marketing your book.

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