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A LitFire employee began calling a few months back claiming that a book scout noticed and highly-recommend a book we already have been self-publishing and selling (for years). He left his name, with no company affiliation, and stated that he wanted to talk to us about taking our book, under their company, to a big publishers convention next spring. This employee named himself and left a phone number and extension.

We didn't return his call.

This didn't stop his enthusiasm. He continued to call, pretty much, daily. Sometimes twice a day. I once answered and told him that we had received his message and that IF WE WERE INTERESTED we would CALL HIM. (hint, hint). Less than a week later, the calls resumed - pretty much daily, sometimes twice a day. Finally, after almost three months, he left a company name - LITFIRE PUBLISHING.

So I went hunting and found many a such complaint and I noticed that folks aren't comfortable with this company. Well, we certainly won't be dealing with them. They should "get a clue" and STOP CALLING. In my humble opinion, no legitimate publisher will HARASS people via cold calls. So, fellow authors BEWARE and BE AWARE.

Thank you, Victoria Strauss.


A fellow author and family

Who are SO TIRED of the ***, seemingly endless --- and unreturned --- phone calls and messages.

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False Allegation from fake people.So sad.


Another fake review from threat with class action lawsuit just to scare the people and no one fills one.Litfire Publishing is one of the best self-publishing company which threaten the network made by Ann Crispin and Victoria Strauss to catch new authors and steal their work. Be aware from Ann Crispin and Victoria Strauss and their associates.


These are the worst people I have dealt with. They give you an original price and then keep changing it. If there are enough complaints I want to file a class action lawsuit.

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